Healthy Finds

So on the first week of April, I along with my boyfriend and my child decided to go to Nashville just for a day. We had not been out of our little town in about couple years now so it felt reeeaallly awesome for a change to be in a big city. My kiddo was clicking away pics left and right and I was so busy checking out everything around me that I forgot to take pics for you all! 😦 Sorry!

We ended up staying there too long and decided to stay over night and leave next morning. The next morning felt wonderful with a really spring like weather and I started craving for breakfast BUT I wanted something healthy. With no idea of where to go, I googled and found a place called “Juice Nashville.”


So we entered this place early morning around 8-ish a.m. and I just felt this healthy clean vibe looking around in this shop! I had read upon a little bit on what kind of juices there serve and how it’s made so I was all excited until I read the menu…….they had juice with ingredients like spinach, kale, beets and all that stuff that I am afraid to try even cooked! I couldn’t imagine trying it RAW!! So I asked this guy Continue reading


About my Blog

For all those wondering out there, my blog is going to be about my personal life, my inspirations, my interests and my experiences.

It has been a long time since I have ever given a thought or ever been able to live life the way I had imagined in my twenties.

Now I try to pick up from where I had left as I continue fighting the demons of my unfortunate past.

After therapy and being able to get a grasp on my emotions and grief, I look forward to loving life again for what it is worth. I try to count my blessings every day and try to focus on the positives of each day of my life.

As I do that I also try to become a balanced person not only emotionally but also physically, both inward and out. In order to do so I have started a bit of exercising, healthy eating habits as well as natural remedies for beauty and natural glow.

Most people forget to take care of them selves or even remember to look at themselves in a mirror when they go through tough times, specially emotional abuse. It hurts our self esteem and we feel worthless. It is upon us to look in the mirror every day and tell our selves that we are beautiful and deserve the best! To say it is the first step to believing it…


I look forward to share the simple steps I take each day to help myself look pretty and feel beautiful.

What are some of the most simple and least expensive steps you practice to take care of your body? Please share in the comments below.

Best wishes…

First Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog !

I am starting this blog as an attempt to connect with people out there that have a story similar to mine. I have a history of abuse starting from childhood to adulthood and I hope my blog helps you all to connect with my feelings and hopefully we can generate strength from each other and pass on some good vibes together sharing and talking about the struggles of making the best of us now.

I am 35yrs old and for the last decade have lived a life of total isolation and introversion from even some of my closest friends and family members. I always wanted to say a lot but I had the fear of being unaccepted for who I am and what life has made of me. I have learned through support groups and counselling that when things do not seem right it is time for a “change” and the first person to make that change has to be YOU!

So I am taking up this blog as a challenge to fess up and face the world and share my day to day life and my struggles to make my self a better, healthy and happy person.

Thank you, if you have read so far. Do let let me know that you support my challenge with a comment . I would highly appreciate it.

Best wishes…