Be Happy!

After my divorce and starting a new chapter in life free from abuse, I had a realization: I realized I had wasted my life. First by making wrong choices and then going through the healing process, which does not happen over night. What about the prime years of my life that I have lost? I love to sing. I wanted to be a singer – a career that requires practice, time and struggles before you get to enjoy the fruits of a full fledged singing career. While I struggled and battled with the odds in my life, the people I had known from my past have already achieved  a lot and moved on in life, while I still am struggling trying to make the basics of survival possible each day. When ever I come across an old friend on face book, I realize how the years of my life are slipping by.

At this point I had to ask, “What do I want from life?” 

Since re-living what I have lost now from my past is not possible, what is it that I need to be doing now? I left my family, my country, my ex-husband and till this day I struggle with court and immigration issues, to fight for my right of peace, of satisfaction which would bring me happiness. There it is! I know what I want from my life: I want to be Happy.

Now the question is – How do u stay happy? Do we know where our happiness truly is? Continue reading