Products for Body and Hair care

I would like to start this blog with a warm welcome and thanks to all of my followers both old and new 🙂 Thanks for your much needed support in my adventure of blogging.

I have been away from my blog for a while because my laptop got sick. But I am back now and have some new things to talk about! So lets get started..

I do not know how this would sound to most of you but in the past 9-10 years, my life has not been very stable and money was very Very tight! I remember buying expensive products and as many of it as I desired, back when I lived with my parents in Kuwait and India but after coming to US and getting married, divorced and later on moving to a Domestic Violence shelter and from there taking baby steps to gather the remaining pieces of my life together…this whole ordeal left me with no desire to select, pick and make choices for what went in or on my body. That was in fact the last thing on my mind with all the other major stress that I was going through. Continue reading