Healthy Finds

So on the first week of April, I along with my boyfriend and my child decided to go to Nashville just for a day. We had not been out of our little town in about couple years now so it felt reeeaallly awesome for a change to be in a big city. My kiddo was clicking away pics left and right and I was so busy checking out everything around me that I forgot to take pics for you all! 😦 Sorry!

We ended up staying there too long and decided to stay over night and leave next morning. The next morning felt wonderful with a really spring like weather and I started craving for breakfast BUT I wanted something healthy. With no idea of where to go, I googled and found a place called “Juice Nashville.”


So we entered this place early morning around 8-ish a.m. and I just felt this healthy clean vibe looking around in this shop! I had read upon a little bit on what kind of juices there serve and how it’s made so I was all excited until I read the menu…….they had juice with ingredients like spinach, kale, beets and all that stuff that I am afraid to try even cooked! I couldn’t imagine trying it RAW!! So I asked this guy Continue reading