So I have been getting lots of views and prompts to update my About page and really I am not good at explaining myself in words. I don’t know where to start and did not think anyone would care to know about me so I thought the About my Blog page was sufficient but thanks for your interest 🙂

Below are some facts about me with little or no relevance to this blog.

– I am 35. I get mistaken by a lot of people here who think I am Mexican but I am an Indian. I was born and raised in Kuwait but often visited India (Mumbai and Rajasthan) and have been in KY,USA since 2004.

– I like to make lists, organize, plan, journal and I do that pretty much everyday of my life or I feel lost.

– I moved in with my boyfriend along with my daughter last year so we live now in an apartment together.

– I am divorced and survivor of Domestic Violence and it has changed my life and my outlook towards everything in life.

– I believe in peace and tolerance and in the fact that everything happens for a reason. But I cannot stand injustice, lies and disrespect .

– I have been taking pictures with whatever photo taking gadget my hands could get on ever since my daughter was born and I haven’t stopped since.

– Singing and listening to bollywood music is my passion and my first love. Besides that I love make up, fashion, eating healthy, jewelry and DIY projects and the list is endless but Singing remains to be my first love!

– My dream is to someday go back to college and study in a field related to makeup/fashion/media . I don’t know what kind of profession that would help me with in future but if I got a chance to sing and get paid for it I would happily drop it all to be a singer any day.

– I am a Capricorn and was made fun of for a long time for being a goat. Until one day I learned all the great qualities of goat according to astrology and now I am proud to be a Goat. This blog is about my life. There you have it – It’s a Goat’s Life! 😉

To conclude, this blog is to log my life, events and thoughts in words and pictures (and videos hopefully one day).

I am open to business, reviews, etc. , but I would not be interested in anything that has nothing to do with my lifestyle or this blog. For business please email me at itsagoatslife@hotmail.com

Disclaimer – All photos and information on this blog are my own personal work and opinion unless stated otherwise by me.

Other links you can find me besides this blog are listed on the right side of my blog.


Best wishes…




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