Call me Healthy

A good while ago, somewhere in May of 2014, I remember posting about going on a Raw Diet. This blog is a follow up on that topic.

So what do I have to say about it? Quite a bit actually…

First of all, I found that Raw Diet is just not about just eating raw foods. The portions and quality and quantity of food make a huge difference. Then I learned about Vegan, a term I had only heard of but had no idea what it meant. Raw Vegan diet is another one that particularly is very interesting and then there is High Carb Low Fat diet of cooked foods. Some people combine the Raw Vegan and High Carb Low Fat diet (HCLF), which makes eating a whole lot more interesting, cleansing and nutritious. However, being an Indian and non-vegetarian, where milk, bread, yogurt, cheese, salt and ghee are an important part of the diet, it did seem pretty drastic

to quit cold turkey and just stick to either raw or oil and salt free cooked food. Having the experience of starting several diets in the past and quitting because I just couldn’t deal with my craving any longer, I decided to slowly convert my diet into Raw Vegan and HCLF diet. I still don’t consider myself to be following any particular form of diet and I would rather be this way, than be struggling to fit in one kind of diet only. I have a boyfriend who is a helpless foodie and very use to me cooking all kinds of foods and a daughter who does not like to eat and has to keep switching houses between me and my ex and therefore she would have a hard time sticking to one kind of diet. So I realize that it would be extremely hard for me to feed my family what I regularly cook for them and be so emotionally strong to stick to only raw or vegan or HCLF diet. So I do the best I can do given my circumstances. I would like to rather just be called as someone who constantly tries to be healthy and live healthy.


My experience with this kind of diet was very interesting. It definitely opened up a wide range of healthy foods, and a variety of clean and pure supplements for non-vegetarian foods, non- dairy foods, sugar and all the stuff that was hurting my body and my health basically.

Not only that, it also made me aware of how important it is to feel and be healthy on the inside rather than just look good, slim and sexy on the outside. I learned that when you start loving your body instead of hating it (which I have done for the longest time), something magical happens! You become more conscious about your choices in how you treat your body. We can all at some point drop some pounds if we stick to our diets strictly and work out every day but we can’t guarantee that we won’t put back on those pounds the moment we slip out of our weight loss diets or that we will not fall sick very often or that we won’t get hit by some illness in the future or that our bodies are completely toxic free and well nourished.  However when you eat right and clean foods that are meant to heal your body from within, you not only see the changes in your skin, your hair and weight reduction but you also heal and cleanse your body from within, making it less prone to being sick or catching any illness or unwanted extra pounds for good. To me that is the best way to treat my body..!

And boy, are there some delicious recipes out there with plant based ingredients!! Who would not want to eat some delectable, scrumptious food along with losing weight and treating their body with proper nutrition?!

In the end of it all, what really worked out for me are the changes in my energy, looks and health, which started inspiring my boyfriend to not only eat healthy but also use healthy products. Yes! My boyfriend now uses cleaner, organic, vegan skin care and hair care products than I do! It is such a treat to watch him gulping down the fruit smoothies and wanting a bite of my steamed potato dinner although he still craves for his non-veg delicacies. Times when we are shopping and looking into some shampoos, lotion or make up products, I will be the one usually getting sucked into the looks of the packaging and color or fragrance etc., and he will be the first one to pop the question of whether that item is non-toxic, organic or healthy and THAT is such a blessing because it helps me to stay motivated and get back on track with putting the health of my body first and making loving myself my biggest priority.


To conclude, for all those who might be thinking about switching to a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, understand that this is going to become your lifestyle. There are no calorie restrictions to this lifestyle as a bonus! You eat as much as you wish until you are full and eat again when you get hungry until you are satisfied. It all begins with loving you and giving your body what it ‘needs’! Read upon it as much as you can with all the information available on the internet.

Bottom line – Be gentle to yourself and do not deprive yourself or your body from its essential nutrition but drive yourself to seeking the knowledge of what your body truly needs. Begin with one little healthy habit at a time; the rest of it will follow if you have the desire to move towards healthy living. Do NOT try to be like anyone else, or follow anyone else’s diet or meal plans. Follow your heart and your cravings and replace it with the healthiest option possible. There is an entire community of amazing people on Facebook and Instagram which is where I hang out at least an hour of my day if not more to get my inspiration and ideas to living a healthy life.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you in the comments below. I will be doing more blogs on this lifestyle so please feel free to ask or share anything you would like for me to write, related to eating and living healthy.



Best wishes…



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