Call me Healthy

A good while ago, somewhere in May of 2014, I remember posting about going on a Raw Diet. This blog is a follow up on that topic.

So what do I have to say about it? Quite a bit actually…

First of all, I found that Raw Diet is just not about just eating raw foods. The portions and quality and quantity of food make a huge difference. Then I learned about Vegan, a term I had only heard of but had no idea what it meant. Raw Vegan diet is another one that particularly is very interesting and then there is High Carb Low Fat diet of cooked foods. Some people combine the Raw Vegan and High Carb Low Fat diet (HCLF), which makes eating a whole lot more interesting, cleansing and nutritious. However, being an Indian and non-vegetarian, where milk, bread, yogurt, cheese, salt and ghee are an important part of the diet, it did seem pretty drastic Continue reading