Raw Diet…May be?!

Hi! I am going to act like you were all waiting for me to post something new ( lol !…) and I apologize for not getting the time to post anything new last week. I have been extremely busy with some important things that I was waiting for almost 10 yrs now. Finally its happening and I will share it all with you when I am ready to.

For now I am going to talk about Raw Diet.

Yes I have been bit by the raw diet bug! I mean check out some of the blogs of people on raw food diet and tell me if it doesn’t inspire you. Okay..okay..I take that back. I know a lot of you out there that are not as crazy about quitting everything you would normally eat and live on raw greens and a hand full of fruits. I thought so too. I really thought it’s a crazy idea. But then I tried and it really is not! It is SUPER good for your body, both inside and out and helps you loose weight! Wait ..what?? Oh yeah!!…How can I then not give this a try?!

I have been following Annie Jaffrey for a good while now. From the days when she was not on a raw diet and did not use all non toxic cosmetics and such but the grace in this young lady always made me want to check out every new post of her’s. I have tremendous respect for her for being as young as she is and the wisdom and grace with which she carries herself! I was inspired to consume Apple Cider and Green Tea by her blog and lately she has been inspiring me to go all raw and she makes it look so easy and delicious!

One of the reasons I feel I can do the raw diet is because I never was into non-vegetarian food. If I have an option I usually always opt for vegetarian food. I do not have trouble drinking green smoothies. I love salads! The only problem I might have is being used to cooked Indian food! Pickles! Fried Indian snacks! Parathas…yum!! I cook and eat Indian food everyday. But perhaps I can do this? Well no harm trying any ways.

Any Indians out there on raw diet Indian style? Are you someone that loves to incorporate Indian style raw food in your diet? I would LOVE for you to please leave a comment or email me so I can follow you! Until then I will try to survive on






and so far I have dropped 5 pounds!


P.S. – Updates on my hair with the use of Red Oil will be up on my instagram account shortly.



Best wishes…



2 thoughts on “Raw Diet…May be?!

  1. Hi there, This is Priya. I am mostly on a raw diet as well. I was diagnosed with Acid reflux and since then I have been really upset because anything I eat makes me feel gross. I have stopped consuming refined and processed sugar, consume very less salt and oil. I have coconut sugar instead. I love Indian food as well and it was so hard to give up. But I would do anything to stay healthy and active.
    In order to not feel completely deprived, I eat carbs in the night when I include rice and stuff. This has been working out great for me. I went gluten free as well. Try going gluten free as it works great especially if you feel bloated and have gas. Bloating was my major problem. Changing my diet and excersing everyday has changed my life a lot.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    1. Hi Priya! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing ur thoughts. 🙂 I am very happy to hear that ur diet and exercise has been such a positive change in ur life! As you can tell from the date on my blog post above, I had just started this new life style of eating mostly raw in May. I am starting to feel really grateful about finding this new life style from a few other ppl that I follow on YouTube. The change in the way you feel, in ur health and ur weight can truly be felt on this sort of life style. I am not completely gluten free yet but thank you so much for pointing that out to me. I am on my way to a healthy life style and I am adamant about losing my weight which has become the cause of so many other problems in my body. I think the hardest part for me about eating mostly raw and healthy is the fact that I love to cook and my family that I cook for does not wish to eat raw. I have so far only been able to convince them to eat organic and more fruits and vegetables which I do believe is a good start. However, my boy friend is extremely supportive of my new life style of exercising and eating healthy and raw food with little to no oil and salt. I was never into non vegetarian food so I don’t feel very deprived but I am hardly grossed out by food, ever! In fact I suffer from depression and anxiety which makes me want to binge on unhealthy foods. I did suffer from acid reflux and I tell you what really helped me to completely get rid of it is apple cider as well as eating only fruits all day and having a cooked meal or raw vegetables only as the last meal of my day. Have you tried apple cider?

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