Invest in Yourself

It was 2006. About the last few months of that year when I noticed a change in my body. I was gaining weight after weighing no more than a 100 pounds in the past 5 years. No surprise there…I was pregnant and bound to be gaining weight. In 2007 my daughter was born. After the C-section it took a while to heal and function the same again. I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant. For some reason I thought once I give birth to my baby I can get rid of the pounds. The baby was out and I was still 50 pounds over weight.

More power to all of you out there to whom gaining weight is no big of a deal. I come across so many fashion blogs of such vibrant personalities rocking their style and extra pounds looking fabulous. Unfortunately, such is not the case with me and because it bothers me, I have taken on myself since 2007 to get rid of the extra 50 pounds. I have tried diets, pills, home remedies, raw diets, juicing, exercise and I have fallen every time out of my routine and lost it. But I never quit trying. My experience tells me that the best way to drop pounds is to exercise while you eat healthy with healthy portions.

For right now, I have taken upon me to exercise at least 30 minutes in or outside my house and also to try to eat healthy. Driving to a gym or being able to afford one is not one of my options so I pick out of the best options available to me.

When it comes to exercising one of the most important thing to me is to make sure I am comfortable. To me comfort begins with my feet. Over the years I have done some hard labor jobs, that have almost killed the strength of my feet to hold my weight.I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. The extra pounds do not help either.

I decided to invest in proper shoes for exercise and I bought Champion shoes with an arch lift for support to my feet.


These shoes are from Payless Shoe Source on sale for $15.00. They work perfect for me!

The next stop was at the Dicks Sporting Goods store. Where I bought 6 pairs of socks for $12.00.


These PowerSox have a perfect shape. At the arch of your feet they seem to be tight and after a walk when I sit, I can feel the socks putting pressure right on the arch of my feet to relax it. I am in love with these socks.

I have also recently became a member of Two Grand. This app helps you to track and improve your eating and exercise habits. I tend to some times eat without thinking or not realize I have not exercised in days. Two Grand helps me to stay motivated towards good health and eating habits.

Are you trying to get in shape and feel good about yourself? What keeps you motivated? Don’t forget to share in the comments section below.

PS – Here is a little peek on my wild hair!They have been tamed a lot after the use of Red Oil. I will keep updating on the progress of my hair so stay tuned for the latest updates.


Best wishes…


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