Raw Diet…May be?!

Hi! I am going to act like you were all waiting for me to post something new ( lol !…) and I apologize for not getting the time to post anything new last week. I have been extremely busy with some important things that I was waiting for almost 10 yrs now. Finally its happening and I will share it all with you when I am ready to.

For now I am going to talk about Raw Diet.

Yes I have been bit by the raw diet bug! I mean check out some of the blogs of people on raw food diet and tell me if it doesn’t inspire you. Okay..okay..I take that back. I know a lot of you out there that are not as crazy about quitting everything you would normally eat and live on raw greens and a hand full of fruits. I thought so too. I really thought it’s a crazy idea. But then I tried and it really is not! It is SUPER good for your body, both inside and out and helps you loose weight! Wait ..what?? Oh yeah!!…How can I then not give this a try?! Continue reading


Invest in Yourself

It was 2006. About the last few months of that year when I noticed a change in my body. I was gaining weight after weighing no more than a 100 pounds in the past 5 years. No surprise there…I was pregnant and bound to be gaining weight. In 2007 my daughter was born. After the C-section it took a while to heal and function the same again. I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant. For some reason I thought once I give birth to my baby I can get rid of the pounds. The baby was out and I was still 50 pounds over weight.

More power to all of you out there to whom gaining weight is no big of a deal. I come across so many fashion blogs of such vibrant personalities rocking their style and extra pounds looking fabulous. Unfortunately, such is not the case with me and because it bothers me, I have taken on myself since 2007 to get rid of the extra 50 pounds. I have tried diets, pills, home remedies, raw diets, juicing, exercise and I have fallen every time out of my routine and lost it. But I never quit trying. My experience tells me that the best way to drop pounds is to exercise while you eat healthy with healthy portions.

For right now, I have taken upon me to exercise at least 30 minutes in or outside my house and also to try to eat healthy. Driving to a gym or being able to afford one is not one of my options so I pick out of the best options available to me.

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