Healthy Finds

So on the first week of April, I along with my boyfriend and my child decided to go to Nashville just for a day. We had not been out of our little town in about couple years now so it felt reeeaallly awesome for a change to be in a big city. My kiddo was clicking away pics left and right and I was so busy checking out everything around me that I forgot to take pics for you all! šŸ˜¦ Sorry!

We ended up staying there too long and decided to stay over night and leave next morning. The next morning felt wonderful with a really spring like weather and I started craving for breakfast BUT I wanted something healthy. With no idea of where to go, I googled and found a place called “Juice Nashville.”


So we entered this place early morning around 8-ish a.m. and I just felt this healthy clean vibe looking around in this shop! I had read upon a little bit on what kind of juices there serve and how it’s made so I was all excited until I read the menu…….they had juice with ingredients like spinach, kale, beets and all that stuff that I am afraid to try even cooked! I couldn’t imagine trying it RAW!! So I asked this guy

in the shop if he had something ‘milder’ for my taste as I am just starting off with drinking healthy juices but never tried anything green yet. He happily let us try a sample and the first sample had kale and spinach together in one!! I tasted it and to my surprise it tasted amazing! Like …I couldn’t even tell if it had any greens in it! Then we just rolled with any sample he offered and each drink tasted better than the other. I could have pretty much tried every flavor they had but I was trying to not be too greedy and I and my boyfriend bought two bottles each of 2 different flavors.


…yeah! The one on the left side with spinach and kale is what I bought for me! I DID!! It’s called “Sing”… I love the names for all their juices.

We were still so surprised with these delicious tasting bottles of juices in our hands when we walked out of the juice shop that we decided to drink and walk around the block just savoring every sip of the healthy deliciousness.

When I am upset or sad or stressed, it is so easy for me to grab whatever my wallet can afford and mostly I end up buying something least healthy for my body. After a momentary satisfaction I almost always end up feeling terrible for eating something that is bad for my health. Drinking this juice reversed that effect for me. I was enjoying what I was drinking and feeling good about it. As if my body was saying “thank you for thinking about me today”, which just made me happy! The visit to the juice shop and drinking the juice remains the highlight of that day for me.

Ever since I came home after that visit I have been trying my best to drink at least one green juice a day. Healthy eating + the good feeling and energy you feel from within your body = a happy me. This is one way of being happy for me that takes very little effort and the results show in the way I feel and look! Although I use my trusty NutriBullet to do my juicing as compared to Juice Nashville’s cold pressed technique which is suppose to be a healthier way to juice.

Have you tried the juices from Juice Nashville? If you live close to or in Nashville,TN, please do try Juice Nashville. And don’t forget to let me know what you think of it!

Also check out their blogĀ which is a treasure for all things related to health and very motivating if you are trying healthy living.

What is your way of feeling happy that is also healthy for your body and mind?

Best wishes…



PS: This review about Juice Nashville is my personal opinion. I was not contacted by Juice Nashville or paid for this blog post.



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