Hair care – The Natural way!

Today I would like to talk about my hair and how I have been taking care of it since the past month. Wish I had a camera to record a video on my hair so I could show you the progress I am making but I will do my best to post reviews through pictures and also try to upload short videos on my Instagram page so make sure to check that out if you are interested.

During my childhood days my mom generally took great care of my hair. She used her own concoction of coconut oil and amla prepare oil that she would generously soak my hair in and the results were that my hair was longer than my own height! I was an Indian Rapunzel!! As I grew older my hair was still comparatively very healthy and dark and silky and just about everything a girl can dream of her pretty hair to look like.

In 2004, after I came to USA, was the first time when my hair was not under my mom’s care anymore. I had a few grays (mostly in the front part of my head due to stress at home and poor diet) and I started dying it with chemical dyes instead of heena, which is what I used back when I lived with my mom because I was new here and could not find heena in this part of USA at the time. Also I was not nourishing my hair with the oils that my mom use to saturate my hair with. My hair felt literally “orphaned” without my mom to take care of it. 😦

Then came a long struggle of 5 yrs of bad marriage, a very hard pregnancy and child birth, severely poor financial conditions, divorce, grief and transition to a completely new chapter in my life of a single mom and all the hardships that come along with it! My hair by now was barely looking anything like what they ever looked like. I had more than half of my hair covered in grays, they stopped growing as much, they started breaking easily and lost its luster and shine. I had to use several serums and hot oils and straighten my hair regularly to make it look partially normal.

Then one day I noticed something that was a wake up call to me: a balding spot right in the center of my scalp! “NOOO! I am definitely not having that!!”, is what I said to my self and then on began trying to figure out how to fix my hair. I researched and googled all over the w.w.w. and came across some home remedies including RED OIL. I was reading reviews on it and what I liked the most is that there were plenty reviews on this product with the results that I wanted to achieve with my hair. It seemed like a quick fix and the ingredients were all natural. You can’t get any thing better than that when you are desperate to get rid of your bald spot and see changes in your hair, can you? But in my case such was not the case, unfortunately. I work part time and at that moment was out of job because my EAD card was waiting for a renewal.

So every day I would sit and stare at this face book page of Gia Nasim and admire her beauty (no… Red Oil will not make you look like her, she is born with it ladies!) and her beautiful, flowing, gorgeously amazing long hair!!! (and yes you CAN achieve that with Red Oil!! Yaaay! 🙂 ) It finally got attention of my boyfriend and he decided to save money for me and buy me some Red Oil. After over 6 months of waiting and wishing I had the money to buy it, I had my Red Oil shipped to me finally. I bought 2 bottles of 500ml each and along came a cute little sample of body oil which smells like heaven!! I have yet to use it to do a review on it. More on that later in some other blog.

So lets get to the Red Oil, shall we?

What’s in it?

Everything that is good for your hair and some!

It has ingredients like –  Olive, coconut, Vitamin E, avocado extracts, Vitamin K, almond, Rose hip & mustard seed, Vitamin A & C, castor, lavender, wild flower & herb extracts. 

Directions on how to use it – According to Gia Nasim’s instructions, for normal hair, use once a week. For very dry and damaged hair, use 2 times a week. DO NOT miss your weekly treatments. It will decrease the effectiveness of the product. The product may become somewhat solid depending on what temperature it is kept at. Shake the bottle well. Pour the amount of oil you will use in your hair into a bowl. Heat it up to a desired temperature. (Note: Warmer oil will distribute out over your scalp more than cool oil will, but DO NOT make it too hot) To encourage new growth, massage the oil into the entire scalp GENTLY with your finger tips for 10 to 12 minutes. Coat the rest of the hair and ends in the oil as well. For dry and damaged hair, use slightly more oil on the hair and ends, but also cover scalp in oil to strengthen hair roots. Leave oil in hair for a minimum of 2 hours. For best results leave in over night. When washing it out, shampoo your hair as you regularly would. Wash. Repeat the shampoo with half the amount of shampoo you just previously used. Your hair may still feel oily after the 2nd shampoo, but that is normal. Condition hair and wash. Since it has NO harmful chemicals, and is an all natural product, therefore the extent of the product working varies from person to person. Eating a proper diet and staying hydrated will speed up the process to achieving healthy hair.

Moment of truth! (my review) – I do not feel it is the right time yet for me to post a review on Red Oil but I must say after using it only once, my hair felt extremely soft and the second time I used it, I noticed besides the added softness, my hair was shining, and did not tangle and the hair fall problem was cured already! I had a severe problem of hair fall. My boyfriend hates it but he is so kind that he will patiently pick up and get rid of my fallen hair from every where I go and I always have felt so guilty for it. But that is a thing of the past now! 🙂  I consider that to be a huge difference in just 2 applications. I can only imagine what my hair would turn out like in a couple months from now after using Red Oil consistently…!

To add to the Red Oil treatments, I have also started dying my hair naturally with Heena and Indigo powder. I bought myself an entire new set of hair combs which work wonders! I will be posting more on the Heena recipe for my hair dye so stay tuned if you wish to follow my directions.



Now if any of the above information has peaked your interest and you wish to buy it, continue reading..

Red Oil – Just message Gia Nasim on her facebook page or click here -> to buy this product. The Red Oil cost me $65.00 for a 500ml bottle but I believe the cost varies from where you live at and your mode of payments so the best option would be to check with Gia and she should be able to reply you with all the details.

Heena – You can buy it online and it is quiet inexpensive. I bought mine from a store in Carbondale, IL for $7.99 while we were on a trip.

Word of caution – Avoid buying Black henna that contains an added chemical called para-phenylenediamine also known as PPD. Read your ingredients carefully.

Indigo powder – Also can be bought online or at an Indian grocery store. I bought mine for $3.99 at a store.

Hair combs – I bought all 3 in the above pic from Sally’s Beauty supply. Each for about $3.

So far I am very pleased with my buys and the results I see on my hair due to this new and natural way of taking care of my hair. I realized that with a little expense I can take care of my hair and know that it will not have any side effects.

Do you have a success story of your hair care? What do you do to cure your hair problems? Make sure to share your ideas in the comments below.


Best wishes…


PS: This review about Red Oil by Gia Nasim is my personal opinion. I was not contacted by Gia Nasim or paid for this blog post.



Be Happy!

After my divorce and starting a new chapter in life free from abuse, I had a realization: I realized I had wasted my life. First by making wrong choices and then going through the healing process, which does not happen over night. What about the prime years of my life that I have lost? I love to sing. I wanted to be a singer – a career that requires practice, time and struggles before you get to enjoy the fruits of a full fledged singing career. While I struggled and battled with the odds in my life, the people I had known from my past have already achieved  a lot and moved on in life, while I still am struggling trying to make the basics of survival possible each day. When ever I come across an old friend on face book, I realize how the years of my life are slipping by.

At this point I had to ask, “What do I want from life?” 

Since re-living what I have lost now from my past is not possible, what is it that I need to be doing now? I left my family, my country, my ex-husband and till this day I struggle with court and immigration issues, to fight for my right of peace, of satisfaction which would bring me happiness. There it is! I know what I want from my life: I want to be Happy.

Now the question is – How do u stay happy? Do we know where our happiness truly is? Continue reading

Healthy Finds

So on the first week of April, I along with my boyfriend and my child decided to go to Nashville just for a day. We had not been out of our little town in about couple years now so it felt reeeaallly awesome for a change to be in a big city. My kiddo was clicking away pics left and right and I was so busy checking out everything around me that I forgot to take pics for you all! 😦 Sorry!

We ended up staying there too long and decided to stay over night and leave next morning. The next morning felt wonderful with a really spring like weather and I started craving for breakfast BUT I wanted something healthy. With no idea of where to go, I googled and found a place called “Juice Nashville.”


So we entered this place early morning around 8-ish a.m. and I just felt this healthy clean vibe looking around in this shop! I had read upon a little bit on what kind of juices there serve and how it’s made so I was all excited until I read the menu…….they had juice with ingredients like spinach, kale, beets and all that stuff that I am afraid to try even cooked! I couldn’t imagine trying it RAW!! So I asked this guy Continue reading

About my Blog

For all those wondering out there, my blog is going to be about my personal life, my inspirations, my interests and my experiences.

It has been a long time since I have ever given a thought or ever been able to live life the way I had imagined in my twenties.

Now I try to pick up from where I had left as I continue fighting the demons of my unfortunate past.

After therapy and being able to get a grasp on my emotions and grief, I look forward to loving life again for what it is worth. I try to count my blessings every day and try to focus on the positives of each day of my life.

As I do that I also try to become a balanced person not only emotionally but also physically, both inward and out. In order to do so I have started a bit of exercising, healthy eating habits as well as natural remedies for beauty and natural glow.

Most people forget to take care of them selves or even remember to look at themselves in a mirror when they go through tough times, specially emotional abuse. It hurts our self esteem and we feel worthless. It is upon us to look in the mirror every day and tell our selves that we are beautiful and deserve the best! To say it is the first step to believing it…


I look forward to share the simple steps I take each day to help myself look pretty and feel beautiful.

What are some of the most simple and least expensive steps you practice to take care of your body? Please share in the comments below.

Best wishes…