First Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog !

I am starting this blog as an attempt to connect with people out there that have a story similar to mine. I have a history of abuse starting from childhood to adulthood and I hope my blog helps you all to connect with my feelings and hopefully we can generate strength from each other and pass on some good vibes together sharing and talking about the struggles of making the best of us now.

I am 35yrs old and for the last decade have lived a life of total isolation and introversion from even some of my closest friends and family members. I always wanted to say a lot but I had the fear of being unaccepted for who I am and what life has made of me. I have learned through support groups and counselling that when things do not seem right it is time for a “change” and the first person to make that change has to be YOU!

So I am taking up this blog as a challenge to fess up and face the world and share my day to day life and my struggles to make my self a better, healthy and happy person.

Thank you, if you have read so far. Do let let me know that you support my challenge with a comment . I would highly appreciate it.

Best wishes…